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How does it work?
H-DNA allows for the smoothing of small wrinkles in the areas of face, décolleté (chest) , neck and wrists. The product eliminates hyperpigmentation, shrinks pores, smoothes skin tone, increases skin elasticity. 

-Benefits of H-DNA:
-Skin cell regeneration
-Skin rejuvenation
-Anti-deep wrinkle
-Long lasting

Areas of Use:
-Facial fine wrinkles 
-Neck wrinkles 
-Back of one’s hand 

To experience the maximum effect of H-DNA, prepare 3~4 treatments that are 2~3 weeks apart. Recommended to use with Derma roller, Dema stamp or Derma Pen. 

Package includes: 

1 pcs/3ml.

Made in Korea.

Frequently asked questions
-How many treatments are required for H-DNA to be effective?
-For the best results, an intensive treatment is needed of two times a week for over 6 weeks. Visible result within 4-6 weeks and will gradually notice improving skin elasticity.

Suggested use

collagen production, anti-wrinkle, and skin rejuvenation effects.


3 ml (PDRN 1.5%)

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